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Welcome to the St Joseph's Area Association Inc.
526 Atwood St, Louisville, KY 40217
Louisville KY 40217
Gail Linville (President)
Email stjosaa@hotmail.com


April 9, 2018
Eastern Parkway Baptist Church
601 Eastern Parkway


Visit the Center For Neighborhoods website for to look
at our Neighborhood Snapshot
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Zanzabar Adds Music Hall to a
Nearly perfect Bar
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Off-campus dorms pitched for University of Louisville
U of L says it isn't seeking the housing
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Visit our project site, the old St. Joseph Infirmary Grotto Site.
This map also outlines the associations boundaries.

Board of Directors
Gail Linville - President
Mike Zanone - Vice President
Mary Rose Evans
Margaret Hardin
Florine Langley
Debra Minter
Bob Sarver - Secretary
Victoria Costello

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Gail Linville President  St. Joseph's Area Association Inc.


Saint Joseph's Area Assoc., Inc.  526 Atwood St, Louisville, KY 40217
502.637.3159  stjosaa@hotmail.com